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Welcome to the Avida Digital Evolution Platform.

Avida is a free, open source scientific software platform for conducting and analyzing experiments with self-replicating and evolving computer programs. It provides detailed control over experimental settings and protocols, a large array of measurement tools, and sophisticated methods to analyze and post-process experimental data.

Avida runs on Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows. It is distributed under the LGPL.

Binary Downloads

The current version of Avida is 2.14. Pre-compiled binaries are available for Mac OS X and Windows:

For past releases, see SourceForge.net.

Authors and Contributors

Avida was created by Charles Ofria (@mercere99). Current development is led by David M. Bryson (@brysonda).

Active contributors include: Aaron P. Wagner (@apwagner) and members of the Michigan State University Digital Evolution Laboratory.

Support and Community

New to Avida? Check out the documentation at github.com/devosoft/avida/wiki. Also consider joining the Digital Evolution discussion list.

Interested in contributing to the Avida source code? See the project on GitHub and consider joining the Developer's mailing list.